World Cup’s Host Cities Series: Belo Horizonte

The World Cup’s Host Cities Series continues with guest writer, Jack Bianchi,  talking about Belo Horizonte and its beautiful horizon.

Jack Bianchi is a Digital Relations Manager

Jack Bianchi, 40, is a Digital Relations Manager

Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) has in its name its most deserved praise. Embraced by the Serra do Curral, the horizon here is really beautiful indeed. And unforgettable!

The whole country knows the “mineiro way of being” which is inherent in every person who lives here: the accent, the easy smile, the ‘soft talk’. We are also famous for producing great music, the best cheeses and the best cachaça in Brazil, the best pubs, the most beautiful women… and by our cultural productions and hospitality.

Image by Bruno Sousa

Image by Bruno Sousa

To talk about Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais (state where it is located) is to  talk about Pelé, “King of Football”, and other football players born here like Fred and Bernard (part of the current national squad), Reinaldo, Eder, Toninho Cerezo, Nelinho, and Tostao.

It’s to remind of it’s amazing writers like Guimarães Rosa, Carlos Drummond de Andrade and Adelia Prado. It’s to be proud of our exports, Grupo Corpo, one of the leading dance companies on the planet and the Grupo Galpão, a world-renowned street theatre company.

To talk about Belo Horizonte its to talk about talented musicians such as Milton Nascimento and Clube da Esquina, Skank, Jota Quest, Paula Fernandes, Sepultura, Eminence. It’s to remember that eight former presidents of the country were born here: Afonso Pena, Wenceslau Brás, Delfim Moreira, Artur Bernardes, Carlos Luz, Juscelino Kubitschek, Tancredo Neves and Itamar Franco, and also the current president Dilma Rousseff.


Image Inhotim website

It’s to talk about the Mercado Central (Central Market), the Feira de Artesanato (Craft Fair), the Inhotim, and our leafy squares and our parks. The loose talk in the bars, accompanied by the best appetisers and an icy cold beer. It’s to talk about the rivalry between Atletico and Cruzeiro. And also to talk about the amazing gastronomy options we have here.

Do you know why?

Because Belo Horizonte, more than just a sum of parts, it’s those parts altogether. Belo Horizonte is where the unlikely mixtures are merged. It’s the place where antagonistic fans, divergent supporters and the religious and the sceptical live in harmony.


Image by BHZ Facebook Group

Belo Horizonte is unique. It smells of coffee being brewed and baked cake. Has the sound of a good conversation between neighbours leaning over the fence.

Belo Horizonte doesn’t have everything that the world’s largest cities have. But has the charm that no other large city has. It has this “thing” that only exists here, a particular way of being and lifestyle.

We are proud of our heritage, our “DNA” and of everything that identifies us!

And we are very proud to welcome you here. It is worth saving our unforgettable horizon in your memory!


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