World Cup’s Host Cities Series: São Paulo

The Wee G welcomes guest writer Leandro Crepaldi, as part of the World Cup’s Host Cities Series, who explains why Sao Paulo is a 24/7 kind of city.

Leandro Crepaldi, 34, is a lawyer.

Leandro Crepaldi, 34, is a lawyer.

São Paulo is one of those few cities where you really feel like a citizen of the world. Just as New York is to the US, Melbourne to Australia and Madrid to Spain, São Paulo brings together people of all places and a rich diversity of cultures and lifestyles.

Picture by Valter Lopes

Image by Valter Lopes

It is a 24/7 kind of city, where you will find everything and anything. From top restaurants to modern cinemas, 24-hour state-of-the-art gyms to the most impressive art exhibitions, there is always something happening no matter if its day or night, week days or bank holiday, and always attracting a good crowd.

Another positive point here is the customer service. Brazilians, in general, like to be pampered, and in São Paulo “customers” are treated with extra special care. In most places, there is always a valet to park your car, for example. The friendliness and warmth are inherent to the professionals who work with the public, and the motto “the customer is always right” reaches unsurpassed levels here.

One of the first cities to be founded in Brazil, São Paulo’s central area has a lot of rich examples of architecture and is full of iconic places to see. Among those places are: the “Teatro Municipal”(Municipal Theatre), the Catedral da Se (See Cathedral), Sala São Paulo, the Estação Da Luz (Luz Station), and many other must-see places.

In the center is also where you can find good dining options. The “Bar Da Dona Onça” ( Lady Jaguar’s Bar) is one of them. You can’t get more appropriate place to have lunch when visiting a city known as “urban jungle”.


Terraco Italia and Copan by Andre Deak

In addition, we have several urban parks, like the Ibirapuera, known as the Brazilian “Central Park”. Brazilians love outdoors activities and green urban spaces. So be prepared to see lots of people exercising on the streets and parks.

São Paulo is also pit stop of all the major international exhibitions, concerts and shows. The cultural options are vast and diverse. There’s something interesting to everyone.

But, of course, not everything is wonderful. The city has one of the worst rates of daily traffic jam in the country, or perhaps in the world. Our public transport system is far from efficient. The cost of living is among the highest in the world. And violence, although more controlled, still haunts the city.

It is a city that runs a mile per minute! São Paulo is for those who like a fast-paced lifestyle and who understands that there is always a price to pay for it.

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