Busk Club Album Launch Showcases Glasgow’s Musical Talent

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Image: Busk Club

By Sam Shedden & Andrew Revill

Walk down any main street in Glasgow and you’re likely to come across some sort of street performer. Previously The Wee G interviewed some of Glasgow’s buskers and discovered a rich seam of talented young musicians playing on the city’s streets.

One of the gems we discovered in our exploration of Glasgow’s grassroots music scene was “The Busk Club”. Founded by student Andrea Preston, 20, The Busk Club aims to give budding musicians a launch pad for success by sharing and promoting their music.

The Busk Club’s latest venture is the launch of “The Singles Club“, a compilation CD with the singles of four artists Scottish acts who work with The Busk Club. The launch took place in Pivo Pivo on Waterloo Street in Glasgow’s city centre last weekend, on a particularly wet and miserable Sunday evening where four acts took to the stage for their first album launch.

Video: Sam Shedden/Andy Revill

David Devereux wass the first act of the night

David Devereux was the first act of the night/Photograph Andrew Revill

The opening act was bass guitarist David Devereux, 22 . Devereux has played the bass guitar for 9 years and he showcased his talent on 6-string bass guitar. Using a loop pedal, David is able to play along with himself, laying down backing tracks in the intro of the song and then using the box of gadgetry at his feet to play along with for the rest of the tune. The result is a quite astonishing soundscape that the audience is swept along with. David’s technical ability, his fret work and general musicianship are there for all to enjoy.

Devereux spoke to The Wee G about his experience working with The Busk Club over the past year:

“It’s a fantastic project. A lot of buskers get ignored when they play on the streets. It’s nice to do something like this [Busk Club] where we can be heard, its great fun. ”

Danny Neo 'tapping' on acoustic guitar. Photo: Andy Revill

Danny Neo “two-handed tapping” on acoustic guitar/ Photograph Andrew Revill

Devereux was followed by another guitarist, Danny Neo. Neo, 19, impressed the Pivo Pivo audience with his unique “two-handed tapping” playing style, reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen. Danny played a mixture of his own tunes and covers of other artists who adopt a similar style.

“I’ve drifted between bass, drums, funk, jazz and hard rock”, Neo explains about his musical background.

“Busk Club is a very kind, very giving project. Buskers need promotion and a way to record sometimes. This is exactly what we need.”

Neo has his own independent digital album which was launched on the same evening he played Pivo Pivo. Track samples and the full album can be found here.

Liam Doyle singing an acoustic verison of One Direction's 'Best Song Ever'

Liam Doyle singing an acoustic verison of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever”/Photograph Andrew Revill

Singer-songwriter Liam Doyle, 19 and guitarist Fiachra O’Hara, 19, were up next, and in contrast to the two more avant garde players that preceded them, the two young guitarists played a mixture of covers, adding their own delicate style to each of them. Liam’s voice suited the smatterings of melodic lead parts that were added by Fiachra O’Hara.

Doyle is currently in the process of writing his own material and has already amassed a significant following through his busking.

The night was rounded of by 4 piece band Ruby Siva, which featured Holly Wilson, 20, on acoustic guitar and vocals, Louis Cuthbert, 20, on guitar, Jake Gillespie, 20, on bass and Hamish Gordon, 22, on drums. Ruby Siva played an impressive set of songs written by Wilson, which showed off her ability as a songwriter to great effect. Her sultry tones complimented the band’s soulful music as they closed the evening’s entertainment.

None of the bandmembers are originally from Glasgow but after being brought together just under a year ago by Gordon and Wilson, the band now play gigs in throughout the city.

“We came to Glasgow as it’s really the hub for music in Scotland”, said guitarist Cuthbert.

“It can be a bit difficult getting us all together”, said drummer Gordon. Gordon and Gillespie are based in Aberdeen and often have to travel far for each gig.

Holly Wilson, lead singer of band Ruby Siva, closes the show.

Holly Wilson, lead singer of band Ruby Siva, closes the show/Photograph Andrew Revill

“What we would like to do is get a bandwagon and travel round the country playing lots of gigs in pubs and clubs”, said bassist Gillespie.

“Eventually we want to release some music”, added Wilson.

Andrea Preston is keen for The Busk Club to hold more gigs in the future:

“The next gig is in the works. I’ve had a few guys tonight talking to me about how they would like to join the club.

“So hopefully we can put on the next gig as soon as possible.”

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Follow Andrew on Twitter: @AndrewRevill

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