No Weighting Around for these Women

Crossfit empowering ladies in Glasgow

 By Anne Austin

For years women have been told how they should look and what to do to achieve this image of unrealistic stereotypical feminine beauty for all to admire. From torturous corsets dating back centuries to celebrity exercise videos, electronic gadgets, slimming pills, fasting diets and celebrity hypnotherapists promising to make you ‘thin’ in less than a fortnight, the list of ridiculous fads is endless which ultimately ends in an unhealthy body and mind with the pound loss often concentrated on the purse.

I’m ashamed to say I have stooped to some of the unrealistic, quick fixes which can cause more harm than good, to lose a few inches around the middle which many advertisers will make you believe can happen quickly and assure you of the ease in which to maintain this new body.



Picture: Artist unknown, The Devonshire Collection, The National Trust, Derbyshire


How happy does Queen Elizabeth I look in what can only be described as a ridiculous contraption?

Now let’s get real and take a look at Crossfit; a growing exercise regime which involves a multidisciplinary approach to fitness and health. The success of Crossfit has been proven in other countries and the attitude and ethics surrounding it are certain to suit our Scottish ladies.

The Cowcaddens branch of Crossfit, Unit4 Crossfit state:

“Crossfit is quite simply the sport of fitness. Rather than excelling in a single dimension, such as being able to squat 200kg or run a marathon in a few hours, we view fitness as a whole made up of several constituent parts.”

Encompassing a variety of weightlifting, deadlifting, gymnastics and cardiovascular endurance, participants of Crossfit  achieve their strength and fitness potential which is transferable to everyday life.

Coach Shona Denovan from Unit4 Crossfit said: “The attitudes to Crossfit are great and anyone can try it out. There’s no egos, pretence and never any talk about fad diets.”

One of Unit4 founders Paul Howell said:

“Although it is a class environment we ensure we have enough coaches to provide a person centred approach. No one is just left to get on with it.”




As well as gaining an optimum fitness level the Crossfit ethos extends far and wide out with the training and progress. A sense of community is unique to Crossfit. Paul Howell said:

“We have a spirit here that sets us apart from all other gyms and exercise regimes. Regardless of age, fitness level and ability everyone is welcome here. Our sense of community is paramount which contributes to the success of what we do here. New people are welcome and if current members don’t introduce themselves to the new guys they’ll receive a small punishment in the way of burpees. [He says laughing] We have a lot of fun and no one makes out to be the best. We have a pace that suits everyone.”

The Wee G must stress that Crossfit is not just for the girls. In a follow up article we will be hearing from the boys. But it looks here like some of the guys are having a good chat while the girls are working hard. I’m sure it is tactics and fitness they are discussing! Maybe?




Paul emphasises that the Crossfit lifestyle is about mixing with other members and although he didn’t say this I reckon that they don’t shun indulging in a few beers together and a kebab of a weekend making it all the more attractive to people like me who don’t want to eliminate weekend treats from their lifestyles. In short, Crossfit works without a rendering all your vices.

Hear all about it from Coach Shona Denovan


Follow the Unit4 Crossfit guys @unit4crossfit.

If you have any doubts about your own health which may be affected by new exercise regimes please contact your GP or seek information from the NHS.

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